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What are the benefits of becoming a CookieScan reseller?

CookieScan understands the value of gaining the support of website developers and marketing / IT teams, to maximise the success of a product. We want website developers to use CookieScan as their ‘go-to’ cookie management system, ensuring their clients are completely cookie compliant and future-proofed for any new changes with the ePrivacy and GDPR requirements.

CookieScan has developed a reseller account, designed specifically for developers to take the opportunity to manage all of their clients on one dashboard, using their own CookieScan account.  

Once approved as a reseller by the CookieScan team, the reseller account is activated, allowing the website developer to place multiple client accounts on their dashboard.

This gives the developer access to the cookies used by their clients and enables the developer to be in a position to either activate the JavaScript API or integrate with Google Tag Manager, if needed.  The developer will also be able to customise the cookie pop-up with the colour theme of the website, link the privacy notice and use the automatically generated cookie notice.

What commission do I get?

We have looked at various commission models used by our competitors and found some of them to be very confusing and layered.  For instance, some charge an initial administration fee and then give a percentage commission slightly increasing over time; others vary the commission according to the number of accounts opened; alternatives some others invoice the commission on a monthly basis.

CookieScan fimly believes in keeping these matters straight forward and user friendly.  With no administration fee, we are not invoicing the commission on a monthly basis – which would increasing  administration time.  Similarly, there is no layering of the commission percentage based on account numbers and usage.

CookieScan is giving you a massive 25% commission on each account opened.  

How will this work?

The commission will be available to you immediately with the use of your unique reseller code.  When you open a client CookieScan account you will be asked to enter a reseller code (voucher).  This will adjust the cost of the subscription to you, reducing the listed cost by 25%.  You are then in control of what you want to charge your client and how much commission you actually want to make.

That is a maximum of £15 on every Standard account and £45 on every Premium account sold to your clients.

We believe that, by using CookieScan, not only will this provide you with a product to your client that does exactly what it says on the tin, looks great and keeps them completely compliant with the ePrivacy and GDPR cookie requirements; in addition, this saves you time that could be wasted trying to keep up with confusing commission fees.  Instead, you can be rewarded with a steady, annual commission of a massive 25%.

How do I become a Reseller?

You must firstly open an account with CookieScan.

Sign in.  Once your email has been verified go to your dashboard. 

Click on the Reseller button and fill in your details.  Our team will review your information and when approved, will activate your account as a reseller account.

You will be provided with your unique reseller code to use when opening your clients CookieScan accounts so you can receive your massive 25% commission.

Straight forward from then on! 

You will just have to log into your account and all your clients will be listed on your dashboard. You just click the ‘add new account’ and away you go.

Do you support me with my reseller account?

If you have any questions or need support we have a full FAQ section available on your account dashboard.   If that does not answer your question, you can contact our team on, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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