The Best Website Cookie Scanner 2022

The Best Cookie Scanner 2021

Have you a got website to promote your company or products? If yes, then you need to read this article. You need to know about the cookies used by your website and what they all do. Ignorance is not a defence when the Information Commissioners Office comes knocking. The only way to be safe in the knowledge that your website is completely compliant is to put a cookie scanner onto it.

You will want the best one on the market to make sure you are compliant and all the cookies used are identified. CookieScan is the best all-round cookie management tool on the market for 2022. It reliably scans your website at regular intervals and finds the cookies on a website, updates the banner or pop-up with an accurate list of cookies, what they do, who provides them, and how long they stay on your website. It also creates an automatically updated Cookie Notice.

Don’t look any further, CookieScan is the best and the plugin for your site.

Looking for the Best Website Cookie Scanning Software to use in 2022?

CookieScan is striving to continue to be the best cookie scanning software in 2022 and beyond. We are continually improving our service, recently adding a Geo-location feature, so the cookie pop-up or banner will recognise the country that your website is being viewed in and adapt the settings to show the appropriate pop-up or banner for that country.
There is nothing more annoying for a site visitor than to be asked for cookie consent when it is not necessary. Make your website more appealing for the locals than the rest. The rest are not using the best cookie scanning software, CookieScan that is.

What is a Website Cookie Scanner?

A website cookie scanner is a technology used to scan your website for the cookies that they use and help make your website compliant. Data protection regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive control the cookies are used. CookieScan once used by websites will monitor and detect the cookies and trackers in operation. Cookies often collect and process personal data on users, when they visit a website by uploading the cookie to the device used. A cookie scanner, like CookieScan helps websites to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the ePrivacy Directive and California’s California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that require websites to know what kind of personal data a cookie collects, how and for what purposes.

Cookie scanners for GDPR compliance

A cookie scanner or cookie checker when plugged into your website will help you to be compliant with any of the known ‘cookie laws’. Using one, like CookieScan will monitor the cookies used, create an automatically updated Cookie Notice and collect the consents required by law for the use of the cookies.

The cookies are split into categories, necessary or functional cookies do not need your consent, as they are needed to make your website run correctly. The other categories are Marketing, Statistics, Preference, and unclassified.

Use CookieScan to take all your worries away and stay compliant with the GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA requirements.

How does our Cookie Scanner work?

A cookie scanner works by simulating real-life users on a website. A cookie scanner will simulate scrolling, clicking, playing videos, browsing subpages and all other interactions that real-life users can do. By simulating real-life users, a cookie scanner activates all cookies and trackers that are in operation on a website and then detects all their technical properties for the website owner to inform its users about.

What kind of cookies does our cookie scanner find?

CookieScan will find any cookie use on your site and any 3rd party cookie placed on your site by plug-ins. The cookies are either, necessary cookies for the operation of your website, are used for marketing purposes, statistics on how your site is being used by site visitors, preference cookies remember your language, any special requirements like larger font size or colour theme, and finally unclassified cookies.

Unclassified cookies have been placed on devices by 3rd party cookies plugins and no one knows what they do. The research will not reveal what they are for, sometimes you can trace who provided them but that’s about all. They do not do any harm and site visitors.

All cookies will have a full easy to understand description about their purpose. If your site uses a cookie that is not listed in our extensive database, we will research it and complete the description within 72 hours.

Why do you need a Cookie Scanner?

Will it is simple really, something called the Cookie Law, this sis what the ePrivacy Directive, soon to be the ePrivacy Regulation has become to be known as. There is another thing called GDPR, surely you have heard of this? Now you will not find the work cookie in the GDPR anywhere, that’s because GDPR has defined what Consent is all about and what it means. The Cookie Law did not define Consent when it was written, so there has been lots of arguments about what it actually was. It was thought that merely looking at the website meant that you consented to the cookies and so on.

The people behind the cookie law and the regulators realised that enforcing the cookie law was nearly impossible, so they turned to their new friend, GDPR when it came out and adopted the meaning of consent from it. This now meant that the cookie law suddenly had teeth and could define what consent was.

So, now there is no argument about the use of cookies, it is easier for the regulators to enforce the cookie law and easier for us website site owners to understand the requirements. So now you have the GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy to deal with.

So knowing what cookies you use on your website is a legal responsibility of any website owner, because you are called a Data Controller and can be fine up to £500,000 for non-compliance with the cookie law.

CookieScan will do all of this for you and make sure you do not have to part with £500K, just £5 a month. Not a lot when you see what you get. Try our free cookie scanning account for 30-days, you will love it.

Why check for cookies?

Cookies are small text files that get uploaded to your device as soon as you land on a website. These little files tell the device if you have been on the site before, what you like to look at, what your interests are etc. They are like little spies. Some of them are useful, the ones that remember your preferences, the size of font you like, the content of your shopping basket, even some of the remember your log-in details so you get straight into the website.

You should know what cookies are being used by websites otherwise we will all be spied on by these big corporations who want to know everything about us, it would be awful. None of us want to live like that, so the Cookie law is there to protect us and make website owners tell us what they are using.

CookieScan does that for them. It will tell you what cookies are on the site, what they are for, who put them there, and how long they will stay active on your device. You decide if you want them or not, but sliding the bar to yes or no. The default setting on CookieScan is always NO unless the country has not cookie law requiring it to be set on NO.

A little cookie is placed on your device which remembers what you said about cookies the last time you were on the website and keeps your preference until you change it. You should remember this is device sensitive, so if your use your table to access a website and make your preference, the CookieScan cookie is put on that device. If you later use your computer to go onto the same website, you will be asked again to make your selection on what cookies to allow. CookieScan has not forgotten what you said, it is just a different device.

Why should you use our cookie scanner, CookieScan?

Because you would be mad not to, that’s why. CookieScan reliably scans your website and finds all the cookies in use at the time of the scan. It updates your Cookie Notice, it collects the correct consent when in a country that requires it as part of their cookie law and can provide you, the website owners with a full detailed report of consent if you ever need it.

CookieScan can easily be used with Google Tag Manager, we even have a template in Google Tag Managers gallery to make it even easier to download CookieScan to your website. We can use Google Consent Mode, which is music to the ears of any marketing department in the world. This means if you rely on the data Google Analytics can get you and are worried about people who visit your site not consenting to the use of the Marketing and Statistic cookies, don’t. Even if they do not consent to these cookies, you can still get aggregated data showing you how many people visited your site, what pages were more popular and you can still send non-targeted advertising.

We have Geo-location, so the appropriate pop-up or banner in the country your site is being viewed in, so you can comply with their cookie law if they have one.

We are looking at other great features being built into our pop-up / banner and in the background that will blow your mind, well maybe not blow your mind, but be of use to you at least and help make websites around the world compliant.

So get CookieScan straight away and see what it does, it is not just a fantastic cookie scanning tool, it is your savior from any non-compliance with the Cookie or Privacy Laws.

Try our Cookie Scanner yourself.

CookieScan is offering you a 30-day free trial before you commit to the best cookie scanning software on the planet. Just put your name, email address and choose a password and you are away. We have removed the need to provide debit or credit card details, your address, phone number, and all that unnecessary information, we can get all that when you start using one of our paid accounts.

£0-days with all the functionality of CookieScan at your disposal t see what it does and what it can offer. You cannot ask for more, we want you to be cookie law compliance, we want you to use CookieScan so we are giving you a free cookie scan 30-day account before you decide.
We will not ask for your card details until you decide to upgrade your account from our free trial account to either our Standard or Premium account.

Go on, what have you to lose, try out 30-day free scan account now.

Make your website GDPR Compliant With CookieScan

As we have said throughout this article, using CookieScan with your website will make you compliant with any of the cookie laws in the world, laws like GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy Directive, and the Regulation when it comes in.

When you use CookieScan you can be sure that your website will be compliant, all the cookies used will be found and identified. All the required information will be given to the site visitor and all the correct consent requirements will be met.

CookieScan will make your website and all cookie consent requirements easy. It will find all third-party cookies used even when you did not know you had third-party cookies in use. With all the tracking technologies being used, CookieScan is the best and will keep you compliant.

If you are ever challenged about the use of cookies we can provide you with a detailed report outlining all the consents given for the use of cookies by any IP address. Even if you choose our cookie banner rather than our cookie pop-up you still get the same consent management service.

Ensure your website is PECR and ePrivacy compliant

Create a FREE CookieScan account today and start managing your cookie consent.

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