Geo-location now available – get the correct cookie popup for location

Geo-location now available

Is the correct cookie popup appearing for your website?

Having a generic cookie pop-up makes it easy to set up on your website and looks good in the country the po-up applies to.  If you have a cookie management system that collects consents for non-essential cookies, what happens if the website is visited from outside the EEA or from a country that has no requirement to consent to cookies and your poop-up is asking for consent?

It could very well put potential customers off your product because you are asking them to do something they do not have to do.

CookieScan recognises this issue and because we want to make CookieScan the ‘go to’ cookie management system, we have just updated it to include a Geo-Location feature

When you use CookieScan on your website, it will recognise the country the user is in and apply the correct cookie pop-up.  If your site user is from a country that complies with the ePrivacy Regulation or has requirements for cookie consents the pop-up will appear that collects the correct consents for non-essential cookies, making you completely compliant with the requirements of the ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR.

If the site user is from a country where there are no cookie regulations or requirements, a simple banner will appear informing the user that cookies are being used. They will not be asked for consent. 

If the user is from, say California where there are not cookie requirement, but you have to allow the user the option to deny their data being sold, the appropriate pop-up will appear with this function.

Complete Cookie Management

So CookieScan is really your complete cookie management system now giving you Google Consent Mode and Geo-location features on our Standard account. 

That is only £5.00 per month for the peace of mind that your cookie usage is safe anywhere in the world and you will not be putting off potential customers by asking for cookie consent when it is not required.

Try our 30-day free trial today and start getting the benefits from CookieScan.

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